YOUR ANONYMOUS STORAGE Let your data be yours!

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Unbeatable privacy

The data is available only to you and the ones you share it with.

Access to the stored files is strictly restricted to the owner and authorized users with explicit sharing permissions.


Fair billing

Do not pay unnecessarily for free space. Pay only for what you are storing. ByteMe does not have impersonal oversized tiers which make you pay for unused space.

For convenience, you can pay with your credit card, for privacy, with Monero or Bitcoin. Pay €0.16 per GB per Month.


Unrivalled security

Experience worry-free storage, where your data is secure and protected from any misuse. Keep your files intact without sacrificing quality, ensuring no data loss due to quality optimizations.

Rely on our both CIA and quantum resistant storage solution, equipped with robust data protection and strict measures against unauthorized access. Open-sourced to be auditable by anyone.


Reliable archivation

Keep your photos, videos and other documents even if your device breaks. Securely access your data anytime and anywhere.



Simply download the app and choose an username and password, both as complex as you want. That's it.

ByteMe Drive uses standard AES-256 encryption, which is both CIA and quantum resistant. Rest easy knowing that your information is protected with one of the most secure encryption standards available.

Anything that can link you to your data, or even how much data you store with us, never leaves your device. Encryption or decryption is happening only on your device. To be able to log you in on another device, we need the sha3 hash of username, hash of credentials and encrypted secret key. The username itself never leaves your device.

Other cloud services usually can access the data and share information about you and your data with third parties either willingly for profit or by breaches and leaks. ByteMe Drive does not know anything about its user, so there is nothing to share.

We can prove what we claim. Our mobile application is open source. You are free to audit the source anytime at

ByteMe Drive does not have any oversized tiers where you pay for unused space. You pay only for what you use. 0.16 EUR per GB per month.

Sure. You can try the ByteMe Drive out. Your first month (until 1st of the 2nd month) and your first GB is on us. After that, we ask you to add credit at least to cover your data for one month. To be able to upload and download more files, we recommend buying more.

You can pay with Bitcoin, Lightning, Monero, Credit Card or you can redeem a coupon code. Please be aware that if you choose to pay by credit card, there is a link created between you and the data you store. If you want to keep your storage completely anonymous, choose a different payment method. Rest assured, all data is encrypted by AES-256, so it cannot be read by a third party.

You'll get 1 GB of storage to try out ByteMe Drive during the first month. After that, we'll start charging you on a monthly basis for each GB you use. In case you do not pay for your files, you might lose access to your data, but don't worry, we won't delete it right away. We understand that stuff happens, so we'll keep your data safe for at least the same period that you've already paid for before.

Currently, we have an Android client available. As soon as the circumstances allow, we will start working on iOS and web clients as well.

Right now, we've got your data stored in the EU. But hang tight, we're working on bringing replication services for all you nomads and perpetual travelers out there. Stay tuned!

You have option to request the termination of their account at any time in the app. After confirmation, the data are deleted immediately and your acces to any remaining credit is lost.

ByteMe Drive App


Download and register

Credentials will allow you use the app on multiple devices.


Upload and store

Files are encrypted, split into chunks, indexed and then sent with the password-encrypted index to the server.


Secure and preserve

The original file can be decrypted only when all the parts are available and in the correct order (possible only with the index file).


Download and decrypt

When displaying the file, the index is decrypted with the password. Using the index, the chunks are downloaded and decrypted.


Display and enjoy

When decrypted, the file can be displayed and enjoyed.

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